其中包含了很多歌詞XDD 希望不要被老師發現@@


Dear Romeo:

Since we departed at the balcony, I’ve drowned in the yearnings for you, for you’re the only air I can breathe. I can’t help missing your fairest face, your tender touch, your every single word. Do you miss me? Or you’re just seeking for another rose to pluck, and abandon it the very moment it withers? Oh, my love, my fairest angel, don’t you dare lie to me, for you’ve known I’d give up the very new life you just give to me. I’m so afraid and uncertain about our future. Will you defend me for everything? Will you place our love above all? Time will reveal our love triumphs the ridiculous enmity eventually.

Will we meet again? Dare you take another risk? I’d risk my all to have one more moment with you. I’d risk my life to feel your body next to mine. Can we defeat all the obstacles lying between us? If our love is wrong, then there’s nothing right in the world. Is this our fate, or just Eros’ bitter trick? My lover, can you feel me? Every moment I feel weak and helpless, I see you as a remedy for curing my weakness. You’re my lord and I’m your wife. We’re meant for each other. We’re born to love and to be loved. Please do love me and treasure me as the fairest delicate pearl, and I’ll be the only one for you.



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